To Jr. or not to Jr. and other age-old questions

It should be a given to pick Dale Earnhardt for your fantasy team for a restrictor plate race at Daytona. After all there are very few drivers that can draft as well as he does. It seems wrong not to pick him yet recent history tells us that somehow trouble always seems to find him.  Although he has been looking pretty good so far this weekend … What a quandary! I guess I’ll sleep on it and recrunch my stats tomorrow.

Dale is a real difficult driver for me to get. I never got to see him race when his dad was alive. So in a way I feel like I missed a whole part of him as a driver. In a real chick way I keep wondering if he still likes racing or if he fell into a career because of his dad kinda like when a kid goes into plumbing because his dad is a plumber.

In a super chick kind of way I just want to see something on his face that tells me that he is happy. I know as a driver it is hard to be happy when you don’t win races, but is this still his passion?


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