Daytona 500 … finally here!

Whew! That was close. I’m never sure I can make it through those winter race-less weeks. I’m a huge baseball fan (Phillies, of course!) so I’m good through the post season, but then what?

So here we are at a Daytona 500 which I’m sure will prove to be like no other. At any Daytona 500 it seems like anyone can win, but this year should be amazing. The two-car drafts and the switches will be interesting to watch, and like usual, it will be the drivers who stay out of trouble who will do well. I firmly believe that it won’t necessarily be the fastest car that wins. Boy that sounds weird to say …

It will be great to see Brian Vickers back in the car, and the Dale Sr. tribute will be emotional. It won’t be long now until that green flag drops and we go racing. I can almost smell the track …


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