Another exciting Daytona 500 in the books

Anyone can win the Daytona 500 and 20-year-old Trevor Bayne proved that yesterday. He was looking good all week, had a fast car, a great attitude and amazing control over his emotions. Jeff Gordon commented earlier in the week that the kid was a standout, and boy was he. Although because of the new NASCAR rule where drivers pick the series they wish to compete for a championship (and Trevor picked the Nationwide Series) he won’t get points for winning he joins an elite class of drivers who have won the Super Bowl game of NASCAR.

It was a great end to an eventful race with all the usual Daytona mishaps and then some new ones created by the two-car draft style of racing which has evolved. It was hard to watch Michael Waltrip crash out, and of course to see Dale Earnhardt finish the day after getting collected in the mayhem after avoiding a 15-car incident on Lap 201.

Although you can’t directly fault David Ragan he did create the initial race-end craziness by switching lanes too early after the restart. And would someone please take Robby Gordon (I call him Crash Gordon) aside and explain this concept called racing. He is great on road races, but he just doesn’t understand that it isn’t always just about him.

Well on to Phoenix!


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