Jeff Gordon needs remedial burnout lessons!

It wasn’t a pretty burnout, but it was an emotional race end as Jeff Gordon finally wins after a very long draught — in the desert no less! His last win came in April 2009 in Texas — that 66 races ago. It was Gordon’s first win at Phoenix. Not sure but it looked like he stalled the car after the embarrassing attempt at a burnout and caught fire too. Boy I hope they didn’t have to tow him to Victory Lane. Hey Jimmie can you teach your teammate how to do a burnout?!

Well that was an eventful race with lots of torn up cars particularly from lap 67 mishap involving 13 cars including Carl Edwards. I felt bad for Trevor Bayne who crashed out fairly early. I guess they will be building another car for the team since he wrecked the last clean one they had after he hit the wall in practice the other day. Guess that’s just racing.

I pretty much tanked my Fantasy team this week, but the good news is so did everybody else!

Well onto Las Vegas and you know what they say about Vegas?!


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