It’s Bristol, baby!

Talk about short track excitement. This 1/2 mile track tests the patience of even the best drivers … and the not so good ones … well let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

I’d like to make it out to Bristol some day soon. Until about a couple of years ago tickets were non-existent. Kinda like in the ’70s in Philadelphia when Flyers tickets had to be willed to you. I think the repaving that changed the racing style plus the recession caused some fans to decide not to partake. But when I see it on TV the surroundings and the storied history make it hard to resist.

This is also one of the tracks that is supported by great home rentals for the weekend. Race Lodging is a reputable business that can help you find just the right place. I used them when I did Martinsville a few years back and it was awesome. Oh yeah, the racing part ….

I was happy to see NASCAR quickly recognize the issue with the right tires and make the decision to swap them out. Click here for the lowdown. When I was at IMS awhile back I ended up covered in tire muck by the end of the race and I was just in the stands! Nothing like a tire issue to make a tough day even tougher.

So it should be a great race on a great track … with many, many cautions!


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