Famous Martinsville hot dogs; Who will be the top dog today?

Martinsville NASCAR fans take their wieners seriously. I remember about four years ago the management was considering changing the vendor … and the beloved hot dog traditionally wrapped in wax paper. The bad publicity and the fuss put up by the fans led them to nix that idea. It was kinda like when they opened Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and considered not allowing fans to bring in their own food. What! Not allow fans to bring in own hoagie! Pure sacrilege. That idea quickly vanished … but I digress. Click here for the scoop on the Martinsville hot dogs.

Oh yea, the race … Martinsville is one of my favorite short tracks — a crazy short, 12 degree banking “paperclip-shaped” .526-mile track with a difficult entrance to pit road. Tires always seem to be a problem and, of course, the usual mayhem that short tracks create just make everything much more interesting.

Track position isn’t important here, but sheer driver ability and mental patience can make all the difference. Not making mistakes on pit road is essential as well, but a good driver can make up for mistakes in the pits on the track.

As I review my fantasy picks I am looking for experienced drivers who can slide well and straighten their cars out before hitting something. Hmm. The pondering begins.


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