Talladega: A Daytona redux or worse?

Talladega racing is always a crazy combination of thrills and chills. This restrictor-plate super speedway leaves even the fans — including those watching on TV — thoroughly exhausted. Qualifying and pit stall position doesn’t seem to matter and even though you can go three wide it just doesn’t seem to be wide enough! Here’s an interesting list of Talladega Best and Worst Moments.

This race should be particularly wild as the drivers didn’t get all their practice in due to rain. Drivers may also be a little over-confident after having experienced the two-man draft at Daytona. There seems to be more match-making going here on than on E Harmony!!  Should be interesting.

Picking fantasy drivers for Talladega is a lot like pulling out a crystal ball. Past experience and ability to not gravitate toward crashing counts lots here, but anything goes at Talladega. Can’t wait!


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