The Infineon Angst: Will Boris or Robby choke or shine?!

Road racing is a tough call for me. I know all the rules of thumb: track position is crucial because it is hard to pass and the good road race drivers are the best picks, but … I have an issue with predicting a good race for “Crash” (Robby) Gordon. And although Boris Said has trained about 30 NASCAR drivers Boris doesn’t seem to be able to close the deal. The 11 turns at Infineon also throw me a bit, too. Being able to do a race in two stops is also mind-boggling. I guess I’m just an oval, short-track kind of woman.

The two practice sessions today seemed to reveal a possible carburetor issue for Jeff Gordon — not good. I couldn’t tell what Tony Stewart had, but Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman looked pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if a dark horse takes the win tomorrow. Totally unpredictable in Sonoma. Beautiful countryside, but I can’t figure out where would be a good place to view the race.

Guess I’ll save that meandering for another day.


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