EHarmony racing at Daytona!

Yikes! I just caught myself thinking “drivers couples” as I ponder my fantasy picks this week. Total weirdness. I’m not as freaked about this tandem racing like some fans are. What did freak me a bit was the lubricating of the bumpers happening in the pits, but I digress …

Drivers link with other drivers because they have fast cars, so we are still talking racing, so I’m not offended. However, it is odd to start thinking about who is experienced and edgy enough to make for a good companion. And let’s talk about the trust factor! That second car pushing can’t see a thing.

Tony Stewart seems like the serial companion. You know, let’s see who comes long first. He has about 6-8 driver radios tuned in, and isn’t afraid to use them all. I’m just wondering if there is a market here for EHarmony? Plug in a few desirable qualities, factor in some needed skills, and do a quick guided communication and bam you and your companion driver are running in the front!

I think I should stop thinking about this because it is starting to make sense …. scary!


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