From Kentucky traffic jams to New Hampshire’s flat track

Wow. Looked like Kentucky Speedway’s Sprint Cup debut was a bust for many fans stuck in traffic. That’s 10,000 to 20,000 fans! Bummer. What a nightmare. The track is offering a ticket exchange. I wonder who is paying for that? Check it out here. And NASCAR is promising to fix it. Here’s Mike Helton’s take on it.  For those of us watching on TV it was cool to see a first time event and even cooler for the race winner Kyle Busch.

So what’s New Hampshire got in store today? If practice and qualifying are any indication it looks like track speeds will be record-breaking. The Nationwide race shows up a bit about what impatience will do at a fast, flat short track. With pressure on for those win less drivers and many big names starting toward the back this race could be particularly crazy and eventful.

As I ponder my fantasy picks (thinking track position and those drivers good at Richmond and Phoenix) I would be remiss in not acknowledging Kyle Busch for his 100 combined win on Saturday tying him with my favorite driver Mark Martin. Here’s the story.


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