Sights, sounds & smells at IMS

Racing is one of those sports (yes, Philly folks, it’s a sport!!) that involves all the senses. If watching the actual race isn’t enough for you, then the fans and all the pre-race events can surely give you an eyeful. IMS is one of those tracks that simply bombards the senses. The first time I came here about four years ago, the year of the Good Year tires fiasco, I couldn’t comprehend the awesome size of the track. I remember driving into the infield, getting out of the car and as I moved my body in a 360 all I could see was track. It’s monstrously huge. The roar of the engines, the smell of the fuel and those beautifully fast cars were just amazing.

I’m back again this weekend and I’m staying so close to both the Lucas Oil Speedway and IMS that I can drink my coffee in the morning and hear the cars taking their practice laps. Very cool.

Right now I’m pondering my fantasy picks and I’m torn between Juan Pablo and Marco Ambrose. I’m tempted to add Mark Martin to my roster, but he has been so inconsistent. Not sure. But I am sure that it’s going to be a great race. I can’t wait.


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