Who’s gonna lose their brakes and who’s gonna get a break at Richmond?

I fully expect tonight’s race to be a mad dash with lots of wrecks and cautions. There’s just too much on the line for many teams and Richmond is such a fast track, and oh yeah, it’s the last race before the Chase begins. Lots of drivers have a lot to prove and a lot to lose. I just hope Tony Stewart and some other win-less drivers have a good run.

I know I’ll probably regret it, but I’m not going with 5 Time or Denny Hamlin either. Jimmie will probably run well, but I’m worried about Denny’s engine. This track has a way with engines and brakes. So I got a somewhat risky fantasy team here but I’m going with Kyle Busch, AJ Almendinger, Kasey Kahne and Regan Smith.

Have fun watching the race!


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