Check out Dover International Speedway!

When you think of stock car racing, most race fans conjure up thoughts of the famous tracks like Daytona, Indianapolis, Bristol, and Talladega. But you really need to put Dover International Speedway on your punch list. I am a little biased since Dover is my home track, but I have also been to Indianapolis and Martinsville, and admittedly, need to get out to other tracks real soon.

However, Dover International Speedway hosts a particularly top-notch race weekend. They are all about the fans and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience. If you attend races with your kids, then Dover is the track for you. Each race weekend features a free kids zone with tons of free interactive things for kids to do.

In fact the space outside the track has so many things to do for fans of all ages that you actually have to figure out when you want to go inside, you know to see things like practice and qualifying!

Everyone from the staff to vendors are all friendly and ready and willing to serve you. And, get this, the bathrooms are impeccably clean though my favorite restroom is by the Earnhardt grandstand (Section 235) as the matron there takes real pride in her job.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out Dover International Speedway yourself … and enjoy!


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