No draft-dodgers at Talladega!

Talladega is the track that I probably most hate to love, if you know what I mean. You know something big is bound to happen at any moment, but you don’t know what exactly, and it could just ruin a driver’s run at the championship. But, then again, it is always a great race! I think you may start seeing my quandary here.

Here’s a pretty accurate rundown of just 10 of the things that could ruin a driver’s day at Talladega. Click here.

The two-draft tandem draft (eHarmony racing) has certainly added an interesting nuance at Talladega, and one that even the drivers who hate it can’t avoid. I can’t wait to see who Tony Stewart decides to run with and if the Roush Racing team sticks with their decision to only pair up with team members.

Should be interesting. So should my final picks for my fantasy team. Back to you later.


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