New season anticipation: Will the bad boys mellow or will it be “boys have at it”?

Whew! I’ve nearly made it through the off season without getting too goofy. Well there was that one time when I saw the Utz Potato Chip truck with a Christmas wreath on the grill and worried that he would overheat and cause a caution, but aside from that ….

At this time last year we never imagined that from the drop of the green flag at Daytona to the end of the race in Homestead we would have the most unpredictable, exciting NASCAR season filled with incredible highs and lows.

Do you think during the off season the Busch brothers got a volume discount on anger management therapy? Hmm. During Daytona testing I saw a great photo of Kurt actually working under his car and he looked pretty mellow. I’m not so worried about Kyle. I think he can pull it together, but we’ll just have to wait to see. I’m rooting for them both. They are excellent drivers and I think they get it now.

But there’s always yoga. Click here for this cool story on two pit crews who practice yoga as part of their training. Can you say Namaste?!   


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