It’s Bristol Baby: Peeking through my fingers like a horror movie!

Bristol Motor Speedway is a great track for the uninitiated. If an infrequent or new NASCAR fan watches a Bristol race and doesn’t get it at the end, well then I think it is time to call the doctor because we need to check for a pulse!

This .533 mile track is famous for major calamities or “big ones” as they are commonly known in the sport, which collect multiple cards. Sorta like the one that has already happened at Turn 1. Click here to check out the video.

At Bristol the cars whip around the track at a 15 second clip and the last six races here had a margin of victory under one second. Oh, did I mention that despite the fast paced action it is possible to drive through the field from the back to  become a contender?

Yup, Bristol races are history-making and breath-taking. Did you know that Bristol is the fourth largest sports venue in the United States, and the eighth largest in the world, housing up to 165,000 people? Check out this cool wikipedia entry.

Enjoy the race and embrace the fact that if you are sitting at the edge of your seat, peeking through your fingers to watch the race — you are not alone!


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