Top dogs at Martinsville? Well there will be 50,000 of then this weekend!

It is hard to talk about Martinsville Speedway without talking about this famous track hot dog. I must admit I took a peek when I was watching the race a few years back, but never had one. The “don’t eat red meat” thing got in the way. But if I did ….

Though I can’t comment on its taste what I think is really cool about it is the respect for tradition. It will be served exactly as it always has — on waxed paper — and at a nominal cost $2! And don’t go messing with tradition. I remember when they tried in 2004 and you’d think the track front office was suggesting that fans sell their souls to the devil. Yup, didn’t go over big, so they can to revert their decision to switch vendors before it actually happened. Just the mere mention frenzied the fans. Gotta love it!

So what’s in this hot dog? Well ..  cole slaw, chili, fresh onions and a few other secret ingredients. Hmm. Guess they aren’t tellin’!

Click here for the scoop on this fan favorite. And if you are at the race, have a hot dog for me!


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