Hoping for a safe, full race at Talladega!

Although I am definitely a short-track racing fan, there’s something about Talladega Superspeedway. It is  my favorite “pick and pray” track. I pick my drivers and pray that they don’t get caught up in the big one, and it all comes down to the final laps. Qualifying and practice doesn’t matter at all.

Yesterday at the Nationwide Series race we saw clearly how horrific the big one can be as Eric McClure wrecked hard and was airlifted to the hospital. Thankfully he is okay. Kudos to the track emergency personnel who practice weekly for just this type of incident for their quick response and for the safety crew who got the track buttoned up and ready to go green in just under 20 minutes.

In the end Joey Logano pulled off an exciting win splits seconds in front of Kyle Busch. If you missed the race, check out these links:

Eric McClure’s hard lick. Click here and for video here.

Joey Logano’s win. Click here.

Yesterday’s race also demonstrated the morphed style of racing — pack-tandem! Scary. So far today’s race has been a bit tempered. Hopefully the weather is done with. I think we’ll have enough issues with keeping the engines cooled and dealing with typical Dega racing. Good luck to all the drivers and the fans who will be peeking through their fingers at the end of today’s race.



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