Will Smoke rise to the top at The Magic Mile?

As Chase Race #2 begins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, I’m thinking about Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin. Tony could give everyone a run for their money (not to mention the 22 pound lobster that’s up for grabs for the race winner!). For the past three years the winner of this race has gone on to win the  championship.

Hmm. Denny’s car isn’t quite where he’d like it to be so the crew has some work to do. Keep in mind this is a short race where track position is crucial. Jeff Gordon is going to need to be aggressive and consistent if he wants to produce big today and get back some points he lost last week when his throttle stuck and he went into the wall.

So I’m thinking it will be Tony or a Chase spoiler like Kyle Busch. In either case this will be an awesome race.

My picks: Tony Stewart; Martin Truex, Jr.; Ryan Newman; and Brian Vickers. Enjoy the race!


It’s Bristol Baby: Peeking through my fingers like a horror movie!

Bristol Motor Speedway is a great track for the uninitiated. If an infrequent or new NASCAR fan watches a Bristol race and doesn’t get it at the end, well then I think it is time to call the doctor because we need to check for a pulse!

This .533 mile track is famous for major calamities or “big ones” as they are commonly known in the sport, which collect multiple cards. Sorta like the one that has already happened at Turn 1. Click here to check out the video.

At Bristol the cars whip around the track at a 15 second clip and the last six races here had a margin of victory under one second. Oh, did I mention that despite the fast paced action it is possible to drive through the field from the back to  become a contender?

Yup, Bristol races are history-making and breath-taking. Did you know that Bristol is the fourth largest sports venue in the United States, and the eighth largest in the world, housing up to 165,000 people? Check out this cool wikipedia entry.

Enjoy the race and embrace the fact that if you are sitting at the edge of your seat, peeking through your fingers to watch the race — you are not alone!

Season-ending sizzler in Homestead!

Talk about championship excitement. NASCAR is finally seeing its vision of a nail-biting playoff come to fruition. Can’t wait for the race … and I don’t want to see the season come to an end. Well you know how that one goes …

Anyway today is going to be all about track position, tires, pit stalls and strategy. Oh, yeah we will also crown a champion. I don’t necessarily think the champion will be the race winner though it is possible.

Oh fantasy picks come down to Fords and Roush/Fenway drivers. Boy it would be nice to see a Hendrick car do well today. Dale Jr. has really been running well this weekend and starts in the 11th spot.

As far as fantasy picks goes Carl Edwards is a given this week. He runs very well at this track and he has Smoke on his tail for the championship. The rest of my picks are: A.J. Allmendinger; Martin Truex; and Trevor Bayne.

Enjoy the race!

Martinsville: Hot dogs and game changers for the Chase?

I love short tracks. There’s never a dull moment and there are so many variables – tires, pit stall selection, brakes and engines. With little time on the track this weekend I’m sure that the famous Martinsville hot dog will not be the only thing fans will be cheering for. This race will make or break some Chasers. Will Jimmie Johnson finally show what he’s got or will we see the demise of the 5-time dynasty? Will Dale Jr. rise to the occasion or will Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin?

Here are my fantasy picks: Denny Hamlin; Brad Keselowski;Juan Pablo Montoya; and Bobby Labonte.

Enjoy the race!

Taking a risky move at Talladega!

Inspired by today’s drivers I am taking a risky move on my Fantasy picks: Kevin Harvick (no risk, I hope); Brad Keselowski (medium risk); Joey Logano (usually no risk high risk though the Toyotas aren’t looking good this weekend and he is paired with Kyle Busch who hasn’t performed well at Talladega); and David Ragan (virtually no risk).

Anything goes here … so enjoy the race. Should be very eventful!

eHarmony racing returns to Talladega!

Ok so racing has always been unpredictable at Talladega Superspeedway, but this two-car tandem deal has really put it over the top … and I have to admit I like it! Driving really, really fast on a challenging track with a partner, and not necessarily a member of your team … why wouldn’t I like it?! Guess I’m just not a traditionalist. I think it is really cool especially when they coordinate a switch. It is like a crazy choreographed racing move at 150+ mph.

I checked out practices today and the twosomes gave me a good idea of how I will strategize my fantasy picks. Still pondering …

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