Monster Mile-ing the Chase: Round 3

Dover International Speedway is my home track and an awesome place to see a race. It is a high-banked, concrete short-track that gobbles up drivers who aren’t wearing their “big boy pants,” as Jimmie Johnson would say.

This race is all about the whole package — the driver, the car and the entire crew. Drivers who are okay about slipping around do well here. A tricky pit road entrance can mess up a driver’s good run though. The crews who can keep up with the track changes and not make mistakes may ultimately make the difference.

So what’s my prediction? Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and a dark horse — perhaps Martin Truex, Jr. are going to factor greatly. So you may have noticed that I have not mentioned Jimmie Johnson yet. Well that’s a no-brainer. Dover and 5-Time go together.

My fantasy picks were: Jimmie Johnson; Martin Truex, Jr.; Joey Logano; and Sam Hornish, Jr.

Enjoy the race!!


Anger Management – NASCAR style: The Kurt Busch Danica Patrick/Sam Hornish Saga

Hmm. Like we needed more drama when we get to Dover International Speedway! Seriously?! I think the Monster Mile creates its own unique set of interesting twists and turns, quite literally, not sure if we need anymore. But alas Kurt Busch hasn’t reached his epiphany yet in knowing how to control his behavior and Danica Patrick has continued an interesting rivalry with Sam Hornish.

The two plot lines played out last Saturday at NASCAR’s Nationwide Race. Kurt got rightfully punished by an extended NASCAR probation until December 31. Bad news for Kurt Busch who doesn’t have a written contract, but good news for David Reutimann who will be driving the No. 51 car at Pocono Raceway this weekend. Here’s a story on Kurt’s probation. Click here. Stay tuned for more Kurt news after his “come to Jesus” meeting with Phoenix Racing owner James Finch.

The Danica/Sam story dates way back to go-kart days when Sam was 16 and Danica was 13. Danica dive-bombed Sam to try to take the lead and they wrecked during the championship race. Imagine that. Here is a story on the origination of this unfolding saga. Click here. We’ll just have to wait to se how that one goes. Here’s some video on the Danica/Sam tango at Dover.

Geez. and my family still thinks that racing is boring because they think the cars just go around and around. Racing is an amazing sport plus there are all these fascinating sagas that unfold almost every day!

Enjoy the next segment to the 2012 racing season, and of course, the next episode to the many story lines that are yet to come!

Fed Ex 400 – Monster Mile day of pit stall showdowns & fast racing

Dover International Speedway is my favorite NASCAR track, and not just because it is my home track. It is a premier short-track with all the fixins’: banked corners; high speeds; and a challenging pit road, as well as great family activities all weekend long. If you haven’t been here you need to put it on your punch list. To learn more here is a link to Dover’s Monster Mile crash course. 

So what’s in store for fans at today’s Sprint Cup race? Well at a minimum a day of fast, fast racing and more than a bit of serious finesse from the drivers. Here is my track overview and predictions on race standouts for today. Click here.

I watched qualifying at the track yesterday and Jimmie Johnson’s car was not only fast, but looked the smoothest. The car looked vacuumed to the track. Mark Martin was, of course, the fastest, but I’m not sure if Jimmie Johnson’s crew may put him over the top. But it sure will be interesting.

Enjoy and the race and let me know what you think about the racing at Dover.

Rain, rain, go away .. from Dover at least!!

Yesterday looked iffy for the Nationwide race, but the rain stayed away and I just had to contend with the chill in the air. Guess I picked the right day to spend at the track. Hopefully we will get the Sprint race in today. It should be a good one! Yesterday was a race filled with long runs and dominated by Carl Edwards, but I was hoping that Clint Bowyer would catch up or at least pull off second. If you didn’t see the race yesterday, click here for a quick rundown.

I don’t think we are going to get long runs today, there’s just too much at stake for so many drivers and I’m thinking that patience will not be in abundance. Today will be about keeping up with track changes, not making mistakes in the pits and staying out of trouble. Good luck with that!

My picks are: Jimmie Johnson; Mark Martin; Martin Truex and Paul Menard. Hold on, its going to get crazy at the Monster Mile. Enjoy!

Check out Dover International Speedway!

When you think of stock car racing, most race fans conjure up thoughts of the famous tracks like Daytona, Indianapolis, Bristol, and Talladega. But you really need to put Dover International Speedway on your punch list. I am a little biased since Dover is my home track, but I have also been to Indianapolis and Martinsville, and admittedly, need to get out to other tracks real soon.

However, Dover International Speedway hosts a particularly top-notch race weekend. They are all about the fans and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience. If you attend races with your kids, then Dover is the track for you. Each race weekend features a free kids zone with tons of free interactive things for kids to do.

In fact the space outside the track has so many things to do for fans of all ages that you actually have to figure out when you want to go inside, you know to see things like practice and qualifying!

Everyone from the staff to vendors are all friendly and ready and willing to serve you. And, get this, the bathrooms are impeccably clean though my favorite restroom is by the Earnhardt grandstand (Section 235) as the matron there takes real pride in her job.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out Dover International Speedway yourself … and enjoy!

There’s nothing like race weekend at Dover!

It is hard to describe the experience of seeing a race live … and even harder to describe everything else aside from the actual race that encompasses the whole race experience. Yup, there’s more to it than the actual race, although the racing is center stage. I’ve only been to three tracks so far, my home track Dover International Speedway, Martinsville Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dover is a great racing track with its banking all the way around. Turns 2 and 4 are particularly treacherous and the entrance to pit road and speed (35 mph) can make it easy to make mistakes. They don’t call it the Monster Mile for nothing! I love the racing on this track and love just being there.

On Friday I saw a guy waiting in line hauling a tire in a wagon to get an autograph from Craftsmen Truck series drivers. Then there was the Hatfield hot dog launcher in the stands — not a good idea. The sites, smells and sounds are just amazing at a race.

When the cars or trucks all get started the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of racing and you can actually feel the speeds as the roar of the engines vibrate through the stands. It is very cool.

Oh yea, racing … so the racing has been great so far this weekend as well: the ends of both races have been noteworthy. If you missed it check out the endings for Friday’s race and yesterday’s here.

Today should be interesting. The track will be completely green because of the rain this weekend so it is the crews that can keep up with the track that will do well.

I’m crossing my fingers for: Jimmie Johnson; Martin Truex; Jeff Burton; and David Ragan.

Enjoy the race!

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