Harvick makes it two in a row!

I didn’t see that one coming! What an exciting race — another one right down to the last lap. In the end Kevin Harvick pulled it out. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had an impressive run. I really thought he was going to win. Juan Pablo was in the hunt there at the end, too. Very cool race.

I know it’s chick thing, but I thought it was classy for Junior to go up to Kyle as soon as he got out of his car. To Kyle’s credit he took it well and congratulated Junior as well even though he must have been tremendously disappointed. Both Dale and Kyle could have tried to spin each other out, but they didn’t. Lots of maturity there.

The crash with Truex and Kayne was pretty scary. With a stuck throttle Truex couldn’t do anything to avoid the crash. Thankfully neither driver was hurt. Another act of class when Truex ran over to Kane’s car to make sure he was okay. Click here for more on the fiery crash.

On to Texas next week for a Saturday race under the lights.


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