It’s Bristol Baby: Peeking through my fingers like a horror movie!

Bristol Motor Speedway is a great track for the uninitiated. If an infrequent or new NASCAR fan watches a Bristol race and doesn’t get it at the end, well then I think it is time to call the doctor because we need to check for a pulse!

This .533 mile track is famous for major calamities or “big ones” as they are commonly known in the sport, which collect multiple cards. Sorta like the one that has already happened at Turn 1. Click here to check out the video.

At Bristol the cars whip around the track at a 15 second clip and the last six races here had a margin of victory under one second. Oh, did I mention that despite the fast paced action it is possible to drive through the field from the back to  become a contender?

Yup, Bristol races are history-making and breath-taking. Did you know that Bristol is the fourth largest sports venue in the United States, and the eighth largest in the world, housing up to 165,000 people? Check out this cool wikipedia entry.

Enjoy the race and embrace the fact that if you are sitting at the edge of your seat, peeking through your fingers to watch the race — you are not alone!


Who will be snakebitten on Phoenix’ slippery track?

Track position and tires may be the key elements for the Sprint Cup race today. In practice we saw lots of cars slipping around especially when their tires weren’t warmed up yet. This is bound to make restarts and exiting pit road particularly treacherous, and eventful!

It was great to see Mark Martin get the pole in his new Michael Waltrip Racing equipment as well as a good run from a much quieter and humbler Jimmie Johnson.

So who is on my fantasy racing team? Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte and argg Kasey Kahne (not Ryan Newman). Kasey has a fast, fast car this weekend and he knows his way around this track — having won here last November and finished sixth in this race last year — right behind Ryan Newman. No matter where Kasey and Ryan end up today, this should be a great race. Enjoy!

Season-ending sizzler in Homestead!

Talk about championship excitement. NASCAR is finally seeing its vision of a nail-biting playoff come to fruition. Can’t wait for the race … and I don’t want to see the season come to an end. Well you know how that one goes …

Anyway today is going to be all about track position, tires, pit stalls and strategy. Oh, yeah we will also crown a champion. I don’t necessarily think the champion will be the race winner though it is possible.

Oh fantasy picks come down to Fords and Roush/Fenway drivers. Boy it would be nice to see a Hendrick car do well today. Dale Jr. has really been running well this weekend and starts in the 11th spot.

As far as fantasy picks goes Carl Edwards is a given this week. He runs very well at this track and he has Smoke on his tail for the championship. The rest of my picks are: A.J. Allmendinger; Martin Truex; and Trevor Bayne.

Enjoy the race!

No draft-dodgers at Talladega!

Talladega is the track that I probably most hate to love, if you know what I mean. You know something big is bound to happen at any moment, but you don’t know what exactly, and it could just ruin a driver’s run at the championship. But, then again, it is always a great race! I think you may start seeing my quandary here.

Here’s a pretty accurate rundown of just 10 of the things that could ruin a driver’s day at Talladega. Click here.

The two-draft tandem draft (eHarmony racing) has certainly added an interesting nuance at Talladega, and one that even the drivers who hate it can’t avoid. I can’t wait to see who Tony Stewart decides to run with and if the Roush Racing team sticks with their decision to only pair up with team members.

Should be interesting. So should my final picks for my fantasy team. Back to you later.

eHarmony racing returns to Talladega!

Ok so racing has always been unpredictable at Talladega Superspeedway, but this two-car tandem deal has really put it over the top … and I have to admit I like it! Driving really, really fast on a challenging track with a partner, and not necessarily a member of your team … why wouldn’t I like it?! Guess I’m just not a traditionalist. I think it is really cool especially when they coordinate a switch. It is like a crazy choreographed racing move at 150+ mph.

I checked out practices today and the twosomes gave me a good idea of how I will strategize my fantasy picks. Still pondering …

Night racing at Charlotte; hold on tight!

Should be a great race tonight. Can’t wait to settle in. So here’s my picks for tonight’s stand-outs: Jimmie Johnson; Brad Keselowski; Kasey Kayne; and Regan Smith.

Let’s go racing!

Kansas Speedway to be pivitol in tight Chase race

Well Dorothy we ARE still in Kansas — Kansas Speedway — that is. There may not be flying monkeys to contend with, but the competition will be wicked at this fourth race to crown the champion of the Sprint Cup series. There are nine drivers separated by only 19 points (see current standing here) so I fully expect everyone to not hold anything back. Yup there will be pit and fuel mileage strategy, but more importantly, there will be hard racing. Of course, the non-Chasers will be trying just as hard to get noticed and please their sponsors as well as the fans.

Tighten your belts, this should be pretty interesting.

Rain, rain, go away .. from Dover at least!!

Yesterday looked iffy for the Nationwide race, but the rain stayed away and I just had to contend with the chill in the air. Guess I picked the right day to spend at the track. Hopefully we will get the Sprint race in today. It should be a good one! Yesterday was a race filled with long runs and dominated by Carl Edwards, but I was hoping that Clint Bowyer would catch up or at least pull off second. If you didn’t see the race yesterday, click here for a quick rundown.

I don’t think we are going to get long runs today, there’s just too much at stake for so many drivers and I’m thinking that patience will not be in abundance. Today will be about keeping up with track changes, not making mistakes in the pits and staying out of trouble. Good luck with that!

My picks are: Jimmie Johnson; Mark Martin; Martin Truex and Paul Menard. Hold on, its going to get crazy at the Monster Mile. Enjoy!

Check out Dover International Speedway!

When you think of stock car racing, most race fans conjure up thoughts of the famous tracks like Daytona, Indianapolis, Bristol, and Talladega. But you really need to put Dover International Speedway on your punch list. I am a little biased since Dover is my home track, but I have also been to Indianapolis and Martinsville, and admittedly, need to get out to other tracks real soon.

However, Dover International Speedway hosts a particularly top-notch race weekend. They are all about the fans and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience. If you attend races with your kids, then Dover is the track for you. Each race weekend features a free kids zone with tons of free interactive things for kids to do.

In fact the space outside the track has so many things to do for fans of all ages that you actually have to figure out when you want to go inside, you know to see things like practice and qualifying!

Everyone from the staff to vendors are all friendly and ready and willing to serve you. And, get this, the bathrooms are impeccably clean though my favorite restroom is by the Earnhardt grandstand (Section 235) as the matron there takes real pride in her job.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out Dover International Speedway yourself … and enjoy!

Fuel mileage & weather factors at New Hampshire?

It may be wise for NASCAR to consider hiring astrologists and meteorologists to work their magic to schedule races. Weather and math issues — basically figuring out if a car has enough fuel to finish — have made for some interesting race finishes lately. And kids think you’ll never use all that math! Let’s see, if a car leaves pit road with four fresh tires and returns to a mile and half track traveling at 180 mph, but I digress …

We are probably safe from rain for today’s race, but keeping up with track conditions created by sun and cloud coverage will be a factor as will fuel mileage. With competition so tight the real difference today could very well be made in the Pit Box.

When all is said and done I think the Chasers will dominate today. I’d love to see Tony Stewart do well, but I think Ryan Newman will lead the Stewart-Haas team today with Smoke finishing in the top 5. It’s about time to show the fans why 5-Time is a five-time Champ so today will be the Chad-Johnson show. I’m crossing my fingers for Dale Jr. today too. I think he is showing what he’s got and that he has the passion, skill and drive to win.

So my picks: Jimmie Johnson; Ryan Newman; Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; and Bobby Labonte.

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