Even NASCAR can’t mess with Mother Nature!

NASCAR changes rules all the time — ever tweaking for safety and fan engagement. However, even the all-powerful NASCAR can’t circumvent the laws of nature — human or physics. As my mind meanders back to the season’s debut weekend at Daytona that fact is what stands out.

The laws of physics tells us that cars traveling close to 200 mph with improved aerodynamics have a 100% chance of busting apart when they crash. Yet when they do indeed crash we act surprised, and of course, NASCAR goes into inspection and investigation mode. Raising catchfences and doing track safety improvements are crucial. Fan and driver safety is paramount. But even NASCAR can’t prevent the inevitable crashes. Thankfully no one died. Thoughts and prayers to those fans still in the hospital.

Click here for Video & Recap

In addition to lacking power over the laws of physics, likewise NASCAR is powerless over the actions of humans, specifically in the area of stupidity. It is important to note though NASCAR can yank a driver out of contention when their humanness bites them in the butt. Thus is the saga of Jeremy (wait for it …) Clements. Now you can say say “who?” Jeremy is a lesser known, well at least until his ignorance made news …  driver in the Nationwide Series who used a racial slur in earshot of a NASCAR PR staffer during an interview with an MTV blogger. Perhaps Jeremy will learn something during his specially-designed NASCAR program that he must complete before being permitted to return.

Here’s a story about driver reactions. Click here.

Well what NASCAR lacks in omniscience it makes up in responsible reactions. Hail, Hail, NASCAR!


Anger Management – NASCAR style: The Kurt Busch Danica Patrick/Sam Hornish Saga

Hmm. Like we needed more drama when we get to Dover International Speedway! Seriously?! I think the Monster Mile creates its own unique set of interesting twists and turns, quite literally, not sure if we need anymore. But alas Kurt Busch hasn’t reached his epiphany yet in knowing how to control his behavior and Danica Patrick has continued an interesting rivalry with Sam Hornish.

The two plot lines played out last Saturday at NASCAR’s Nationwide Race. Kurt got rightfully punished by an extended NASCAR probation until December 31. Bad news for Kurt Busch who doesn’t have a written contract, but good news for David Reutimann who will be driving the No. 51 car at Pocono Raceway this weekend. Here’s a story on Kurt’s probation. Click here. Stay tuned for more Kurt news after his “come to Jesus” meeting with Phoenix Racing owner James Finch.

The Danica/Sam story dates way back to go-kart days when Sam was 16 and Danica was 13. Danica dive-bombed Sam to try to take the lead and they wrecked during the championship race. Imagine that. Here is a story on the origination of this unfolding saga. Click here. We’ll just have to wait to se how that one goes. Here’s some video on the Danica/Sam tango at Dover.

Geez. and my family still thinks that racing is boring because they think the cars just go around and around. Racing is an amazing sport plus there are all these fascinating sagas that unfold almost every day!

Enjoy the next segment to the 2012 racing season, and of course, the next episode to the many story lines that are yet to come!

Talladega Flashback: the Good, the Bad & the Snarky!

Well we all know that Talladega Superspeedway is anything, but boring. We expect the inevitable “big one,” the flaring tempers, blown engines, overheating radiators, diverse racing styles like “pack tendem,” but really last weekend was over the top.

The racing was definitely “good,” with an exciting finish to the Sprint Cup race. Way to go Brad Keselowski for the win with a push from Kyle Busch no less, and the second win this season for Bred. This race was also the “bad” for Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick. Here is a nice recap if you missed it. Click here

The “bad” actually started on Saturday during the Nationwide race when Eric McClure got caught in the “big one” and needed to be cut out of his car and airlifted to the hospital. Fortunately it was just an overnight stay, but he suffered a concussion and internal bruising. So glad he is okay. Here is video of the crash. Click here. Jeff Green will be subing for Eric this weekend at Darlington.

Okay so for the snarky, 2012 Sprint Cup champ Tony Stewart gave an awesome post race press conference, delivering a dry and completely sarcastic monologue which is hysterical. I saw it while exercising in the gym. Even with the sound down it was hysterical. I nearly fell off the treadmill. Here’s the transcript. This is what happens when Smoke gets snarky. Click here.

Though not as funny as Tony Stewart’s shenanigans, Kurt Busch drove the Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights “Me” car and carried the gag through the race with movie script lines and a stuffed animal (cougar) in the car. Interesting. Oh and yeah he ended up doing an amazing lateral slide and finished in 20th. Click here to view the story and paint scheme.

All in all a very interesting race weekend, and I’m thinking Darlington isn’t going to be a walk in the park either!

Steve Wallace-Carpentier crew chief hair-pulling incident, Really?!

Thought about it some more and yup this is pretty weird. Hair pulling – really? Check out the video here. Hmm. I wonder if NASCAR will penalize the team or perhaps they will just be put in the corner for a time-out. Or maybe they will have to clean up their garage before they can enter another race!

True enough Steve Wallace is involved in a crash most weeks, either causing one or just spinning himself out, so I can understand the frustration. Carpentier and the team wanted to go out on a high note, not be collected in just another Steve Wallace incident. But now the only thing people are talking about is the hair pulling. Very odd, indeed.

Marcos Ambrose wins Nationwide race in Montreal; Said doesn’t even finish!

In a span of less than one week Marcos Ambrose becomes a first time winner in both a Cup race and a Nationwide race. Like the Watkins Glen race the day was full of drama. The race marked the final race for Canadian driver Patrick Carpentier who will now go into retirement. Unfortunately he did not finish the race due to an incident with Steve Wallace. (I’d call him Crash Wallace, but that nickname is reserved for Robby Gordon, who you guessed it, did not finish!)

The Canadian race fans gave Carpentier a standing ovation as the pace car drove him around the track during a caution lap. And, Oh yeah, there was a hair pulling incident with a Carpentier crew member and Steve Wallace as Wallace slowed the car down to go into the garage. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

Anyway congrats to Marcos for another great race win. Canada looks like a cool place to see a race. I guess I’ll have to put that on my To Do list.

Joey Logano pushes Kyle Busch for Nationwide win

Wow! Another crazy finish at Talladega — surely a prelude to tomorrow’s Sprint Cup race. By the time the race was completed half the field was in the garage and the remaining cars weren’t very pretty. Logano said it seemed more like Martinsville than Talladega. Yikes.

For a moment there it looked like Joe Nemechek was going to get the win. How cool would that be?! He was so happy just to be running upfront. Classy old school driver. What a wild ride Mike Wallace took – he was actually airborne in that last crash that brought out the caution. Check out the YourTube video. Great that the cars are safe enough for him to walk away.

Hope Joey Logano does well tomorrow too. He always seems to be the bridesmaid!

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