Texas Story Lines: Chase race of the crew chiefs

When I think about my expectations for the AAA Texas 500, and for that matter, the two other races that will complete this Sprint Cup season, it comes down to one thing: the crew chiefs. This is undoubtedly the Jimmie vs. Brad show. I don’t believe that something drastic can happen to these top dogs that would allow Clint Bowyer or Kasey Kahne to truly contend for the championship. Jimmie Johnson’s equipment and team in general are a tad stronger and better financed than Brad Keselowski, but not enough to tip the scales. NASCAR has pretty much evened up the competition as far as equipment goes (but don’t tell that to Joe Gibbs Racing!)

Jimmie Johnson  has proven himself and  so has Brad Keselowski. This 28-year-old has the maturity and driving talent of a seasoned pro. So it will come down to the crew chiefs in my humble opinion.

Hmm. Chad Knaus vs. Paul Wolfe. What do you think?
Bio of Paul Wolfe: Click here.

The slightly older Chad Knaus bio. Click here.
Enjoy the race!


Texas-sized NASCAR night race

As the first night race in the season the race should be fast and frenzied as drivers and crews try to keep up with track conditions and manage a comfortable ride on a somewhat bumpy surface. So far this weekend it looks like the track is super fast and has a lot of grip which usually is the perfect wreck recipe for inexperienced drivers — and Robby “Crash” Gordon alike (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Going into the 24 degree banked turns at 200 m.p.h. and fishtailing out seems to be the way to go. Sounds like a great opportunity for dirt track drivers and those with amazing ability to save a car without hitting anything. It has been hot most of the day — 90  degrees — and will cool down as the evening progresses so those teams with superior crew chiefs who can make good calls with adjustments should reign supreme.

My fantasy drivers: Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Clint Bowyer and David Ragan.

Let’s go racing boys!

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