Will Smoke rise to the top at The Magic Mile?

As Chase Race #2 begins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, I’m thinking about Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin. Tony could give everyone a run for their money (not to mention the 22 pound lobster that’s up for grabs for the race winner!). For the past three years the winner of this race has gone on to win the ¬†championship.

Hmm. Denny’s car isn’t quite where he’d like it to be so the crew has some work to do. Keep in mind this is a short race where track position is crucial. Jeff Gordon is going to need to be aggressive and consistent if he wants to produce big today and get back some points he lost last week when his throttle stuck and he went into the wall.

So I’m thinking it will be Tony or a Chase spoiler like Kyle Busch. In either case this will be an awesome race.

My picks: Tony Stewart; Martin Truex, Jr.; Ryan Newman; and Brian Vickers. Enjoy the race!


Talladega Flashback: the Good, the Bad & the Snarky!

Well we all know that Talladega Superspeedway is anything, but boring. We expect the inevitable “big one,” the flaring tempers, blown engines, overheating radiators, diverse racing styles like “pack tendem,” but really last weekend was over the top.

The racing was definitely “good,” with an exciting finish to the Sprint Cup race. Way to go Brad Keselowski for the win with a push from Kyle Busch no less, and the second win this season for Bred. This race was also the “bad” for Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick. Here is a nice recap if you missed it. Click here

The “bad” actually started on Saturday during the Nationwide race when Eric McClure got caught in the “big one” and needed to be cut out of his car and airlifted to the hospital. Fortunately it was just an overnight stay, but he suffered a concussion and internal bruising. So glad he is okay. Here is video of the crash. Click here. Jeff Green will be subing for Eric this weekend at Darlington.

Okay so for the snarky, 2012 Sprint Cup champ Tony Stewart gave an awesome post race press conference, delivering a dry and completely sarcastic monologue which is hysterical. I saw it while exercising in the gym. Even with the sound down it was hysterical. I nearly fell off the treadmill. Here’s the transcript. This is what happens when Smoke gets snarky. Click here.

Though not as funny as Tony Stewart’s shenanigans, Kurt Busch drove the Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights “Me” car and carried the gag through the race with movie script lines and a stuffed animal (cougar) in the car. Interesting. Oh and yeah he ended up doing an amazing lateral slide and finished in 20th. Click here to view the story and paint scheme.

All in all a very interesting race weekend, and I’m thinking Darlington isn’t going to be a walk in the park either!

Season-ending sizzler in Homestead!

Talk about championship excitement. NASCAR is finally seeing its vision of a nail-biting playoff come to fruition. Can’t wait for the race … and I don’t want to see the season come to an end. Well you know how that one goes …

Anyway today is going to be all about track position, tires, pit stalls and strategy. Oh, yeah we will also crown a champion. I don’t necessarily think the champion will be the race winner though it is possible.

Oh fantasy picks come down to Fords and Roush/Fenway drivers. Boy it would be nice to see a Hendrick car do well today. Dale Jr. has really been running well this weekend and starts in the 11th spot.

As far as fantasy picks goes Carl Edwards is a given this week. He runs very well at this track and he has Smoke on his tail for the championship. The rest of my picks are: A.J. Allmendinger; Martin Truex; and Trevor Bayne.

Enjoy the race!

No draft-dodgers at Talladega!

Talladega is the track that I probably most hate to love, if you know what I mean. You know something big is bound to happen at any moment, but you don’t know what exactly, and it could just ruin a driver’s run at the championship. But, then again, it is always a great race! I think you may start seeing my quandary here.

Here’s a pretty accurate rundown of just 10 of the things that could ruin a driver’s day at Talladega. Click here.

The two-draft tandem draft (eHarmony racing) has certainly added an interesting nuance at Talladega, and one that even the drivers who hate it can’t avoid. I can’t wait to see who Tony Stewart decides to run with and if the Roush Racing team sticks with their decision to only pair up with team members.

Should be interesting. So should my final picks for my fantasy team. Back to you later.

Will it be Fords & Rouschateers at Kansas?

Today’s race should be filled with long runs and a good bit of aggressive driving … or is that assertive driving?! Hmm. With unusually warm temps in Kansas this may play out like the spring race, but with that extra bit of ¬†craziness since it is a Chase race.

I think the last few laps will be utter mayhem with some drivers like Harvick, Gordon, Johnson and Kenseth contending for the lead. The non-Chasers will surely make those last laps interesting as well. Don’t expect much for the Brothers Busch, so all you haters out there should be happy.

I think Newman will do just okay today, and I’m hoping that Smoke and Dale Jr. have a decent day. But I didn’t go with any of them. My fantasy picks? Well I’ve gone with Greg Biffle, Brad Kesolowski, Kasey Kahne (please don’t make me regret it!!), and Regan Smith.


Fuel mileage & weather factors at New Hampshire?

It may be wise for NASCAR to consider hiring astrologists¬†and meteorologists to work their magic to schedule races. Weather and math issues — basically figuring out if a car has enough fuel to finish — have made for some interesting race finishes lately. And kids think you’ll never use all that math! Let’s see, if a car leaves pit road with four fresh tires and returns to a mile and half track traveling at 180 mph, but I digress …

We are probably safe from rain for today’s race, but keeping up with track conditions created by sun and cloud coverage will be a factor as will fuel mileage. With competition so tight the real difference today could very well be made in the Pit Box.

When all is said and done I think the Chasers will dominate today. I’d love to see Tony Stewart do well, but I think Ryan Newman will lead the Stewart-Haas team today with Smoke finishing in the top 5. It’s about time to show the fans why 5-Time is a five-time Champ so today will be the Chad-Johnson show. I’m crossing my fingers for Dale Jr. today too. I think he is showing what he’s got and that he has the passion, skill and drive to win.

So my picks: Jimmie Johnson; Ryan Newman; Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; and Bobby Labonte.

Who’s gonna lose their brakes and who’s gonna get a break at Richmond?

I fully expect tonight’s race to be a mad dash with lots of wrecks and cautions. There’s just too much on the line for many teams and Richmond is such a fast track, and oh yeah, it’s the last race before the Chase begins. Lots of drivers have a lot to prove and a lot to lose. I just hope Tony Stewart and some other win-less drivers have a good run.

I know I’ll probably regret it, but I’m not going with 5 Time or Denny Hamlin either. Jimmie will probably run well, but I’m worried about Denny’s engine. This track has a way with engines and brakes. So I got a somewhat risky fantasy team here but I’m going with Kyle Busch, AJ Almendinger, Kasey Kahne and Regan Smith.

Have fun watching the race!

Racing in the Irish Hills of Michigan

The last few races have been quite eventful with weather woes. It looks like today’s race should be rain-free as drivers take on Michigan International Speedway. This two-mile track has lots of grooves to run and with race points and the Chase coming up we can be sure that they will be trying all of them.

Despite the size of the track it could get pretty crazy out there as folks like Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart and others going for the win. Fuel mileage and pit strategy will also play a big role today. Hopefully no hair-pulling today, but I digress …

So I’m going with Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Ryan Newman and Paul Menard. Let’s go racing!

Who will be hanging at the Bus Stop at The Glen?

Yikes. Back to another road race. Over the years I’ve warmed up to the two road race tracks, but the best part of it is I don’t have the drive the cars! With 11 turns at incredible speeds I’m not quite sure how they do it. The precision of not only going into the turns, but knowing when to brake and not brake makes it extremely complicated. I must say though I do enjoy seeing Boris Said and the other road race ringers, but I digress …

To be competitive teams need to bring a road race configured car to the track and some teams simply don’t have the money to do that. So ultimately you may have road track ringers like Boris Said and Ron Fellows in cars that really weren’t built for road racing. It really makes for some interesting mishaps and wrecks.

Lack of driver stupidity, track position, and strong engines will rule today. I was surprised to see Tony Stewart spin out twice during practice. I’m not sure if that reflects on track conditions or tires. Good Year brought the same tire as last time with a different tire wall so I’m not sure. I don’t think we’ll see the Jimmie Johnson vs. Kurt Busch side-show today since 5 Time is starting in 4th and Kurt’s way back in 27th, but Kurt does drive well on road courses so who knows.

So here’s my picks: Kyle Busch; Marcos Ambrose; AJ Allmendinger; and Paul Menard.

Did Denny Hamlin sandbag practice?

Hmm. Looks like Denny Hamlin out smarted the NASCAR practice speed/qualifying order. Pretty funny. I know Carl Edwards has been going back and forth between qualifying set up and race set up during practice, but this Denny Hamlin thing is quite cool. I think the weather is going to be the decider today though.

Whatever happens today I don’t think it will be as eventful as last night’s Nationwide race finish at Iowa Speedway. Check out the Carl Edwards/Ricky Stenhouse Jr. crash across the finish line. I’m thinking it’s going to be an interesting conversation in the Rousch camp this week!

Enjoy the rest of the race! Oh BTW I went with Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne and Regan Smith. We’ll see …

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