Who will be hanging at the Bus Stop at The Glen?

Yikes. Back to another road race. Over the years I’ve warmed up to the two road race tracks, but the best part of it is I don’t have the drive the cars! With 11 turns at incredible speeds I’m not quite sure how they do it. The precision of not only going into the turns, but knowing when to brake and not brake makes it extremely complicated. I must say though I do enjoy seeing Boris Said and the other road race ringers, but I digress …

To be competitive teams need to bring a road race configured car to the track and some teams simply don’t have the money to do that. So ultimately you may have road track ringers like Boris Said and Ron Fellows in cars that really weren’t built for road racing. It really makes for some interesting mishaps and wrecks.

Lack of driver stupidity, track position, and strong engines will rule today. I was surprised to see Tony Stewart spin out twice during practice. I’m not sure if that reflects on track conditions or tires. Good Year brought the same tire as last time with a different tire wall so I’m not sure. I don’t think we’ll see the Jimmie Johnson vs. Kurt Busch side-show today since 5 Time is starting in 4th and Kurt’s way back in 27th, but Kurt does drive well on road courses so who knows.

So here’s my picks: Kyle Busch; Marcos Ambrose; AJ Allmendinger; and Paul Menard.


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